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Igemoe is the intelligent map solution that delivers on brand, itinerary maps for web and print.  Our clients are travel companies, cruise lines, cruise agencies, travel content providers  …  businesses and organizations looking for an efficient way to produce engaging itinerary map content for their marketing .

 Igemoe Maps give you:

  • World wide map coverage with customized map looks
  • The ability to data feed itineraries and content straight onto your map
  • Automatically drawn routes
  • Static and interactive maps
  • One solution for all your map display needs

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Here are 3 reasons why people are choosing the Igemoe Map Solution

  • Igemoe gives you one solution for all your itinerary map needs  providing static and interactive maps for viewing online, on tablet, on mobile and in print
  • Igemoe maps work for your brand, making your offerings more distinctive, more engaging, more memorable
  • Igemoe cuts production time and cost

Igemoe Map Solutions

We offer Fully Automated and Spreadsheet Managed versions of the Map System.

The Fully Automated version is best suited to operations with a volume of route maps to produce and update 100’s, 1000’s, 10,000 plus …. while the Spreadsheet Managed Version, which has a print option, offers great versatility in managing a portfolio of web and print maps and is ideal for PR projects.

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