Animated Maps Get Attention

Getting and keeping the attention of your audience is always a challenge. In this animated maps have some useful attributes that can make them a very effective medium for achieving this end.

3 reasons why animated maps work

Maps are visual
Putting your itinerary out there in map form gives your audience a clear visualization of your cruise that can be taken in at a glance. There’s no scrolling down a list, the ports of call are all in view and linked together giving an instant picture of the voyage.

Animated elements like routes and roll out captions get and hold attention
In any piece of marketing you don’t have long to get the attention of your audience, an animated route rolling out from port to port draws the eye and keeps people following along as the cruise unfolds.

Maps tell a story
Telling people the story of your cruise makes it more memorable and gives you the opportunity to create connections. In an animated map you can expand on the up front headline story using captions and image rich pop-ups to engage with your audience.

Animated Maps – your cruise stories wrapped up and delivered in one neat, infinitely shareable package

Animated map give you the opportunity to tell the story of your cruise or trip on more than one level. We’ve created A Cruise Story map below  to show some of the possibilities, click on the ports for more ideas.

What stories would you tell about your cruises and trips?

The Igemoe Solution is all about making it easy to to create engaging maps like this for use in marketing, PR and social media.

A Few Words About Igemoe
Igemoe is an intelligent map solution that delivers on brand, static and interactive itinerary maps for cruise and travel
Igemoe gives you:
  • On brand map looks customised to your requirements
  • Static and Interactive maps
  • Animated routes
  • Maps for web, pdf and print
  • Mobile and tablet friendly maps
  • Auto created maps from small numbers to 1000’s
Do have a look around our web site to find out more about our travel and cruise map solutions or get in touch with us – we’re always happy to talk about maps.