Cruise Map System

Cruise Itinerary Maps

Igemoe is the smart way to display your cruise itineraries

For the cruise industry Igemoe is the solution to displaying and updating your itineraries year on year. Igemoe makes light work of displaying all your cruise itineraries and at the same time provides engaging, cost effective cruise content for your online, social and print marketing.

This is what you get:

  • Data fed generation of 10s, 100s or 1000s of cruise itinerary maps
  • Automatically drawn routes from port to port
  • Choice of  mini search result maps, static maps and interactive maps
  • Consistency of display
  • Option to have a customized on brand map look
  • Print option to output hi res print marketing material
  • Attractive shareable content

Igemoe in Action

Igemoe is used by cruise brands and agencies to deliver maps for cruise itinerary pages, mini search results and engaging interactive displays.


Or scroll on down to see more and explore an interactive map

How Igemoe Cruise Maps Work For You

Get Attention

Here’s  a live map  to interact with –  click on the ports and discover something about each place

Igemoe Maps in Print

Remember Igemoe is a one stop solution for all your map needs. Through the print module you can output hi res images, in different sizes, for use in brochures, fliers and other printed marketing material.